1. The Leagues shall be known as the –
    Kent Ladies Super Darts League
    Kent Men’s Super Darts League
  2. The purpose of the League is to provide a means for the best players in the county of Kent to compete against each other.
  3. Membership of the League will be by election only and membership shall be restricted to 30 teams. Election to membership shall be made by the league Council at the Annual General Meeting.
  4. The League shall act through its Officers and Council (which will consist of one member from each Team that has entered the league) and the Officers will be the Executive of the Kent Darts Organisation who will provide a Hon Secretary. In accordance with normal practice, the Chairman will be that of the K.D.O., and will not have a vote at meetings unless a casting vote is required. The Officers will be a “Deliberate body”, as regards policy matters and the officers as regards the carrying out of any policy or matter agreed by the Council shall not be accorded a vote in any Council meeting by virtue only of his/her membership of the Kent Darts Organisation Executive. The Officers are required to report on both its deliberations and its actions to the Council as required.
  5. The Officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Kent Darts Organisation.
  6. Meetings of the Council shall be held at a convenient venue at such intervals as shall be decided by the Officers. A quorum shall be 10 (ten) voting members. The normal rules of conduct of meetings shall apply and the decision of the chairman as regards what shall constitute rules of conduct of any interpretation of any league rules shall be unchallenged, except that upon consideration of the Chairman, may revise any rules of the chair. When after due consideration a vote is taken on any matter the subject shall be closed and shall not again be raised for a period of three months thereafter.
  7. Non Council members may attend any meeting and may address them with the leave of the Chairman, but may not vote. The Hon Secretary will take minutes of each Council meeting and distribute them to members, prior to meeting.


The Treasurer of the Kent Darts Organisation will be Treasurer of the League.

8a.  Each team shall pay for its membership at the sum of: –

Ladies £80.00 as a combined fee of £60.00 and £20.00 goodwill/bond money
Men’s £160.00 as a combined fee of £100.00 and £60.00 goodwill/bond money

8b.  The Goodwill / Bond Money is returnable at the end of the season subject to completion of the League fixtures and without debt to the League. One (1) months notice of withdrawal must be made in writing to the Hon Secretary if the bond is to be Refunded within the accounting period of the season.

8c.  The teams will pay monies outstanding by the dates as advised. Failure to pay by this time will cause a debt, which will lead to those players not being allowed to compete in League or Knock-out competitions, until the debt is paid in full.

8d.  At the end of each season the teams who have completed their fixtures will be entitled to: –

  • Refund of Bond Money
  • Prize Money won by the team that season

The Council on considering matters under rule 8d (1) and (2) shall have regard to the Leagues likely income and expenditure in the year, and reserves for next season, and projected fees payable to the League

8e.  Any team Indebted to the League at the end of the season shall have the amount of the indebtedness set against any payment due to it from the League

8f.   Competition Fees

LADIES: Singles £7.00, Pairs £14.00, Triples £21.00,Threes £21.00

MEN :     Singles £7.00, Pairs £14.00, Triples £21.00 Fours £28.00

8g.  The financial arrangements contained in rules 8a-8i in no way can be construed as a legal contract and is honour bearing only.

8h.  All outstanding monies must be paid 7 (seven) days prior to the end of accounting year, which will be advised in writing to all teams but is at present the 30th June

8i.   Expenses for any team to represent the K.D.O in the British Champions Cup is paid a minimum of £20.00 and a maximum of £100.00. Should there be no funds available then a levy can be made of other member teams, as agreed at a Council Meeting.


9a.   Each team shall be entitled to play, subject to the following conditions: –

  1. No player shall play for more than one team in any one season (see rule 10g)
  2. No Team shall enter more than 16 players in any competition

9b.  A League representative Team, if required will only be selected from member

teams, this includes representatives for the county team

9c.  Subject to Rule 9a, a team may enter the names of players taking part in the K/O

competitions and substitutes for names of players may be made where the

originally named player is unable to compete. However, an entry fee is payable by

the substitute. Substitutes are allowed on the following conditions:

  • Team K/Outs, any player
  • Team 4s & 3s, any player that has not already played – only one player may be substituted.

(3) Pairs, one or both players providing that neither player has already played.

9d.  No player having been knocked out of a competition will be able to play

again in that competition.

9e.  All competitions will be played on the appropriate night for that division

until the final stages where the Council will decide on any changes required

to accommodate the event.

9f.  K/Out competitions will be played in such venues as decided by the Executive Committee.

9g   Secretary’s (Men’s) and Captains and Secretary’s (Ladies) competition only the named secretary will be allowed to play in the competition no substitutes will be allowed. The Secretary Must Have Held the position for at least half the season.

9h   A;; competition entry forms must be submitted and paid for by the Friday (Ladies), Monday (Men) preceding the competition.  If not entered and paid for you will not be allowed to play.  No refunds will be given.


10a. All games to be played on a 1 – 20 Treble board. The centre of the bullseye

will be 5’8” from the floor to the centre of the bullseye. The oche shall be:-

  1. Raised at least 1.5ins
  2. Be at least 2 foot long and parallel to the board.
  3. Minimum throwing distance from a plum line from the face of the

Board to the back of the oche is 7’ 9.25” (2.37mtres).

  1. All darts to be thrown with the toe behind the Oche, breach of this rule

will cause protest and the player will be warned. In the event of a

subsequent breach of this rule the throw will be called ‘no throw’

and no score awarded.

  1. All dartboards must be of a decent standard.

10b. A League Match consists of:-

LADIES                                                           MEN

2 Pairs               Best of 3 Legs 601               8 Singles Best of 7 Legs 501

4 Singles           Best of 5 Legs 501

Away team to throw First in odd number games 1,3,5 in the Ladies and 7 in the mens

Scoring will be 1 point per set win plus 1 bonus point for winning the match and no bonus points for a draw.

10c  All matches will commence at 8.15 for the Ladies and 8.30 for the Men.  

The home team must allow the visiting team an open board of at least half

an hour before play commences, providing the away team arrives at least half an hour before the allocated start time

10d. Each team shall indicate the names of its players in throwing order before the game starts. After the first leg has started no alteration may be made to the playing order except that a team will be allowed to start with 3 players Ladies and 5 players Men.

10e. Games will have an order of throw as indicated on the team list but a draw will be made to decide the order of play. All players may not be in attendance at the time of the draw. If a Team arrives at the venue knowing they will be short, the opposing side will have the right to select which player will have a walkover. If a player or players are absent at the time their set is due to commence, that set will be forfeited.  No alteration to the order of throw will be permitted and no team has any scope to vary this rule, even with the agreement of the opposition. The player(s) receiving walkovers shall be entitled to their running average a 3-0 win plus 9 tons (MEN) and 4.50 tons (LADIES).

10f. Every player in the League must register by signing a B.D.O. Super League registration form. A registration fee of £5.00 to be paid for each player registered by a team (THIS IS A B.D.O REQUIREMENT £1.00) and £1.00 to sponsor the Youth Team, all forms must be accompanied with the fee to be registered. Once a players’ registration form and fee has been forwarded to the league the player is then registered to that team for the forthcoming season (even if the season has not started) No transfers between existing teams will be allowed. 

Players can register on the night of a game, but the registration form must accompany the result sheet. If results are sent in by email registration forms along with the respected fee must arrive by (Friday Ladies & Saturday Men). The team will have a point deducted for playing a non registered player, the point will be awarded to the opposition. Any points won by the non registered player will be awarded to the opposition. The opponent of a non registered player will be entitled to:

1: Their walkover average or their average on the night, whichever is the greater

2: Their allotted tons Per Leg or their tons on the night, whichever is the greater

No team may register any player after the published date of the last league game of that season. No team can register a player on the night of a competition.

10g.1 A player, who is unable to continue playing due to withdrawal of his or her team during a season, may be allowed to play for another team with prior consent of the committee by way of a written application. His or her registration and records from their previous team will be deleted, and a new registration form must be signed.

10g.2 A team withdrawing from the league before the season has finished, must provide written notice signed by all players. Any players from the said team still wishing to play, must indicate their preference to continue playing and sign the letter accordingly.  Should there be the need for the team to withdraw, then the team will be subject to a £10 fine per player registered. All member players from the team will then be debt barred until their own debt is paid.  Any player that would like to continue playing and complete the season, may pay his or her part of the debt and apply in writing to the committee (as defined in section 10g 1 above).  Those players not wanting to continue playing will then be barred from returning to the league for two years and may only return if:

  1. i) They apply to the league in writing
  2. ii) They pay their part of the debt accrued

10g. 3 If a team withdraws from the league before the first half of the league fixtures are completed, then all points gained by the team will be removed and points gained by the teams against them will be removed. If a team withdraws from the league during the second half of the season with up to 80% of games played, then points from only the second half of the season will be removed. After playing 80% of the games or more, then the committee will decide what action to take.

10h. 1. Men’s League. At each match, both teams are to complete score sheets and result sheets and both teams are responsible for sending their copies to the secretary by last post the day after the game is played. Result should arrive by Friday (Saturday at the latest), A £10.00 fine is payable for breach of this rule. This is payable to the league on demand.  Failure to pay by the date requested by the League Secretary will result in one point being deducted from the offending team. A further point will be deducted each week until the fine is paid.

Home team to supply the chalker, Away team to supply a caller.

  1. Ladies League. The score sheet provided will be completed by the Away Team and checked by the home team captain or secretary before dispatch to the League secretary by last post the day after the game is played, The home team is responsible for posting the score sheet and match results sheets. Results should arrive by Thursday (Friday at the latest). A £10.00 fine is payable for breach of this rule. This is payable to the league on demand. Failure to pay by the date requested by the League Secretary will result in one point being deducted from the offending team. A further point will be deducted each week until the fine is paid.

Home team to supply the chalker, Away team to supply a caller.

10i It is the responsibility of the home team to ensure that the venue is in order.

10j  There will be no money stakes played for at League matches.

10k  If due to a team turning up late and not starting at the rule time, a game is incomplete at the licensed closing time and this is not tolerated by the venue, then this could give cause for complaint to the League Council, who will consider the facts and decide whether:-

  1. The offending side shall forfeit the game
  2. The game shall be played at a time suitable to the non-offending Team.

The non-offending team in a forfeited game will be awarded the winning points. The council in deciding will consider such things as weather, breakdowns etc, but will not consider lateness in the event of players attending other competitions.

10l. No games may be cancelled/postponed. If a game is cancelled/postponed the offending team will be deducted 3 points and receive a £10 fine. Extenuating circumstances may be accepted but the committee will decide. If any team wishes to cancel/postpone a match they must inform the League Secretary,

10m. i) No second half matches can be played until all first half matches have been completed

10m. ii) If the format is the teams play each other three times then you cannot start the second third till the first third is completed and you cannot start the last third until the second third is completed

10n. All disputes must be notified to the League Secretary within 48 hours of the match.


  1. Any Current Team not present at the pre-season acceptance meeting (A.G.M) will not be able to enter the league, other than apologies already notified and accepted by the council.
  2. A New Team maybe accepted into the League after the A.G.M but must apply to the

Committee in writing

12. The council will decide any matter that is not covered by the rules