1 Sittingbourne Stallions
2 Medway
3 Swanley Olympic
4 Rainham Cricket Club
5 Sellindge Swans

6 Sheppey
7 Tovil
8 Northfleet Eagles
9 Tunbridge Warriors
10 Bye

Sat/Sun2/3 Sep 23Derbyshire men A v Kent men A

Derbyshire men B v Kent men B

Derbyshire women A v Kent women A

Derbyshire woman B v Kent women B

Weds20 Sep 23Week 1Medway v TovilSwanley v Northfleet EaglesSittingbourne v SheppeyRainham v Tunbridge WarriorsSellindge v ByeDivision 1 Averages

Division 1 Table

Weds27 Sep 23Week 2Tunbridge Warriors v SwanleySheppey v RainhamNorthfleet Eagles v MedwayTovil v Selindge SwansSittingbourne v ByeDivision 1 Averages

Division 1  Table

Weds04 Oct 23Week 3Swanley vTovilSittingbourne Stallions v Tonbridge WarriorsSellindge Swans v MedwayNorthfleet Eagles v Rainham Cricket ClubSheppey v ByeDivision 1 Averages

Division 1 Table

Sat/Sun7/8 Oct 23Kent Men A v Northamptonshire Men A

Kent Men B v Northamptonshire Men B

Kent Women A v v Northamptonshire Women A

Kent Women B v Northamptonshire Women B

Weds11 Oct 23Week 4Sheppey v Sellinge SwansTovil v Rainham Cricket ClubMedway v SwanleyNorthfleet Eagles v Sittingbourne StallionsTunbridgeWells v ByeDiv 1 Averages wk 4

Div 1 Table wk4

Weds18 Oct 23Week 5Sittingbourne Stallions v TovilSheppey v Tunbridge WarriorsRainham Cricket Club v MedwaySellindge Swans v SwanleyNorthfleet v ByeDiv 1 Averages wk 5

Div 1 Table Wk 5

Weds25 Oct 23Week 6TUNBRIDGEWELLS WARRIORS v SELLINDGE SWANSNorthfleet Eagles v SheppeyMedway v Sittingbourne StallionsSwanley v RainhamDiv 1 Averages Wk 6

Div 1 Table Wk 6

Weds01 Nov 23Week 7TUNBRIDGEWELLS WARRIORS v NORTHFLEET EAGLESSITTINGBOURNE v SWANLEYSheppey v TovilSellinge V Rainham Cricket ClubDiv 1 Averages Wk 7

Div 1 Table Wk 7

Sat/Sun4/5 Nov 23West Midlands Men A v Kent Men A

West Midlands Men B v Kent Men B

West Midlands Women A v Kent Women A

West Midlands Women B v Kent Women B

Weds08 Nov 24Week 8Rainham Cricket Club V Sittingbourne StallionsMedway v SheppeyTovil v Tonbridge Wells WarriorsSellindge Swans v Northfleet EaglesDiv 1 Averages Wk 8

Div 1 Table Wk 8

Weds15 Nov 25Week 9Tunbridge Wells Warriors v MedwaySheppey v SwanleyNorthfleet Eagles v TovilSittingbourne Stallions v Sellindge SwansByeDiv 1 Averages Wk 9

Div 1 Table

Weds22 Nov 23Week 10Tovil v MedwaySheppey v Sittingbourne StallionsNorthfleet Eagles v SwanleyTUNBRIDGEWELLS WARRIORS v RAINHAMByeDiv 1 Averages Wk !0

Div 1 Table Wk 10

Weds29 Nov 23Knock out Cup Preliminary round (4 teams)
Note 1st named after draw has home advantage
Sat/Sun2/3 Dec 23County Game Home to Cheshire
Kent Men A v Cheshire Men A

Kent Men B v Cheshire Men B

Kent Women A v Cheshire Women A

Kent Women B v Cheshire Women B

Weds06 Dec 23Week 11Swanley v Tunbridge Wells WarriorsRainham Cricket Club v SheppeyMedway v Northfleet EaglesSellindge Swans v TovilByeDiv 1 Averages Wk 11

Div 1 Table Wk 11

Weds13 Dec 23Week 12Rainham v Northfleet EaglesMedway v Sellindge SwansTunbridge Wells Warriors v Sittingbourne StallionsTovil v SwanleyOlympicByeDiv 1 Averages Wk 12

Div 1 Table Wk 12

Weds20 Dec 23Christmas and New Year Break
Weds27 Dec 23
Weds03 Jan 24Week 13Swanley v MedwayRainham v TovilSellindge Swans v SheppeySittingbourne Stallions v Northfleet EaglesByeDiv 1 Averages week 13

Div 1 Table week 13

Weds10 Jan 24Week 14Medway v Rainham Cricket ClubTunbridge Warriors v SheppeyvvBye
Weds17 Jan 24Week 15Sittingbourne Stallions v MedwaySheppey v Northfleet EaglesSellindge Swans v Tunbridgewells WarriorsRainham Cricket Club v Swanley OlympiansByeDiv 1 Averages Wk 15

Div 1 Table Wk 15

Weds24 Jan 24Week 16Tovil v SheppeyNorthfleet Eagles v Tunbridge Wells WarriorsRainham v SellindgeSwanley v Sittingbourne StallionsByeDiv 1 Averages Wk 16

Div 1 Table Wk 16

Weds31 Jan 24Week 17Tunbridge Wells Warriors v TovilSheppey v MedwayNorthfleet Eagles v Sellindge SwansSittingbourne Stallions v RainhamByeDiv 1 Averages Wk 17

Div 1 Table Wk 17

Sat/Sun3/4 Feb 24County Game Away to Cleveland
Weds07 Feb 24Week 18Medway v Tunbridge WarriorsTovil v Northfleet EaglesSwanley v SheppeySellindge Swans v Sittinbourne StallionsByeDiv 1 Averages wk 18

Div 1 Wk 18 Table

Weds14 Feb 24Folkestone Seasiders 5 v Northfleet Eagles 3

Newtown Nomads 5 v Tovil 3

Swanley 6 v Rainham 2

Sittingbourne Spartans 2 v Ashford Archers 6

Aylesford Assassins 4 v Sheppey 5

Westerham Wolves 1 v  Sittingbourne Stallions 5

Weds21 Feb 24Tunbridge Warriors v Sheppey,    Sittingbourne Stallions v Sellindge Swans,    Medway v Rainham Cricket ClubDiv 1 Averages at 21st Feb 2024

Div 1 Table at 21st Feb 2024

Weds28 Feb 24Week 19Rainham v Tunbridge Warriors Medway v TovilSwanley v Northfleet EaglesSittingbourne Stallions v SheppeySellindge v ByeAVG

Div 1 Table Wk 19

Sat/Sun2/3 Mar 24County Game Home to Hertfordshire
Six in One Club
Weds06 Mar 24Singles / Pairs Competition
Weds13 Mar 24Week 2010 v 16 v 49 v 38 v 27 v 5
Weds20 Mar 24Week 211 v 910 v 63 v 74 v 85 v 2
Weds27 Mar 24Week 229 v 108 v 17 v 42 v 36 v 5
Weds03 Apr 24Week 237 v 110 v 86 v 94 v 25 v 3
Sat/Sun6/7 Apr 24County Game Away to Cambridgeshire
Weds10 Apr 24Knock out Cup Last 8
Note 1st named after draw has home advantage
Weds17 Apr 24Week 248 v 67 v 102 v 15 v 93 v 4
Weds24 Apr 24Week 255 v 41 v 310 v 26 v 79 v 8
Sat/Sun27/28 Apr 24County Game Home to Sussex
Six in One Club
Weds01 May 24Week 268 v 57 v 92 v 63 v 104 v 1
Weds08 May 24Week 271 v 510 v 43 v 69 v 28 v 7
Weds15 May 24Free week for unplayed games
Sat/Sun18/19 May 24County game Away to Oxfordshire
Weds22 May 24National Singles and Pairs Qualifiers
Weds29 May 24Knock Out Cup semi and finals
Ksports Club
Weds05 Jun 24
Weds12 Jun 24End of Superleague Season
Sat/Sun15/16 Jun 24County game Home to London
Six in One Club