1 Canterbury Spitfires
2 Rainham Cricket Club
3 K Sports Paperboys
4 Edenbridge

5 Medway
6 Swanley
7 Sittingbourne Spartans

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Wed31-Aug-22Week 11 v 8Rainham V Sittingbourne SpartansKsports Paperboys v SwanleyOlympicEdenbridge v MedwayDIV 2 AVERAGES


Wed07-Sep-22Week 2Sittingbourne Spartans V Canterbury SpitfiresSwanley V Rainham CCMedway v Ksports PaperboysByeDIV 2 AVERAGES


Sat/Sun10/11- Sep 21County Home to Essex
Wed14-Sep-22Week 3Ksports Paperboys v EdenbridgeRainham v MedwayCanterbury Spitfires v Swanley OlympianseByeDivision 2 AVERAGES


Wed21-Sep-22Week 4Edenbridge v RainhamSwanley v Sittingbourne SpartansMedway v Canterbury SpitfiresByeWeek 4 DIV 2 TABLE


28-Sep-22Week 5Rainham v KsportsSittingbourne Spartans v MedwayCanterbury Spitfires v EdenbridgeSwanley v ByeWeek 5 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 5 DIV 2 TABLE

Sat/Sun1/2 – Oct 22County Away to Lancashire
Wed05-Oct-22Week 6Ksports Paperboys v Canterbury SpitfiresEdenbridge v Sittingbourne SpartansMedway v Swanley OlympicRainham v ByeWeek 6 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 6 DIV 2 TABLE

Wed12-Oct-22Week 7Canterbury v RainhamSwanley v EdenbridgeSittingbourne Spartans v KSports PaperboysMedway v ByeDivision 2 AVERAGES


Wed19-Oct-22Free Week
Wed26-Oct-22Week 8Medway v EdenbridgeSwanley v Ksports PaperboysSittingbourne Spartans v RainhamCanterbury v ByeWeek 8 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 8 DIV 2 TABLE

Wed02-Nov-22Week 9Ksports Paperboys v MedwayCanterbury v SittingbourneRainham CC v Swanley OlympiansEdenbridge v ByeWeek 9 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 9 DIV 2 TABLE

Sat/Sun5/6 – Nov 22County Home To Hampshire
Wed09-Nov-22Week 10Edenbridge v KsportsPaperboysSwanley v Canterbury SpitfiresMedway v RainhamSittingbourne v ByeWeek 10 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 10 DIV 2 TABLE

Wed16-Nov-22Week 11Canterbury Spitfires v MedwaySwanley v Sittingbourne SpartansRainham Cricket Club v EdenbridgeKsports v ByeWeek 11 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 11 DIV 2 TABLE

Wed23-Nov-22Week 12Ksports v RainhamEdenbridge v Canterbury SpitfiresMedway v Sittingbourne SpartansSwanley v ByeWeek 12 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 12 DIV 2 TABLE

Wed30-Nov-22Week 13Swanley v MedwaySittingbourne Spartans v EdenbridgeCanterbury Spitfires v KsportsRainham v ByeWeek 13 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 13 DIV 2 TABLE

Wed07-Dec-22Week 14Ksports v Sittinbourne SpartensEdenbridge v SwanleyRainham Cricket Club v Canterbury SpitfiresMedway v ByeWeek 14 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 14 DIV 2 TABLE

Sat/Sun10/11 – Dec 22County Away to Staffordshire
Wed14-Dec-22Free Week
Wed21-Dec-22Christmas Break
Wed28-Dec-22Christmas Break
Wed04-Jan-23Week 15Ksports v Swanley OlympicRainham v Sittingbourne Spartans Edenbridge v MedwayCanterbury v ByeWeek 15 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 15 DIV 2 Table

Sat/Sun7/8 – Jan 23County Home to Lincolnshire
Wed11-Jan-23Week 16Medway v KsportsSwanley Olympic v RainhamSittingbourne Spartans v Canterbury SpitfiresEdenbridge v ByeWeek 16 DIV 2 Averages

Week 16 DIV 2 TABLE

Wed18-Jan-23Week 17Canterbury Spitfires v Swanley OlympiansRainham Cricket Club v MedwaySittingbourne v ByeKsports v EdenbridgeWeek 17 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 17 DIV 2 TABLE

Wed25-Jan-23Week 18Sittingbourne Spartans v SwanleyEdenbridge v RainhamMedway v Canterbury SpitfiresKsports v ByeWeek 18 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 18 DIV 2 TABLE

Wed01-Feb-23Week 19Rainham v KsportsSittingbourne Spartans v MedwayCanterbury v EdenbridgeSwanley v ByeWeek 19 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 19 DIV 2 TABLE

Sat/Sun4/5 – Feb 23County Away to Yorkshire
Wed08-Feb-23Week 20Medway v Swanley OlympicKsports v Canterbury SpitfiresEdenbridge v Sittingbourne SpartansRainham v ByeWeek 20 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 20 DIV 2 Table

Wed15-Feb-23Week 21Swanley v EdenbridgeCanterbury v RainhamSittinbourne Spartens v KsportsMedway v ByeWeek 21 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 21 Div 2 Tables

Wed22-Feb-23Free Week
Wed01-Mar-23Week 22Swanley v K SportsMedway v EdenbridgeSittingbourne Spartans v RainhamCanterbury v ByeWeek 22 DIV 2 AVERAGES

Week 22 DIV 2 TABLE

Sat/Sun4/5 – Mar 23County Home to Warwickshire
Wed08-Mar-23Week 23Ksports v MedwayCanterbury Spitfires v Sittingbourne SpartansRainham Cricket Club v Swanley OlympiansEdenbridge v ByeWeek 23 Div 2 Averages

Week 23 Div 2 League Table

Wed15-Mar-23Week 24Medway v RainhamEdenbridge v KsportsSwanley v Canterbury SpitfiresSittingbourne v ByeWeek 24 Div 2 Averages

Week 24 Div 2 League Tables

Wed22-Mar-23Week 25Canterbury Spitfires v MedwaySittingbourne Spartans v SwanleyRainham v EdenbridgeKsports v ByeWeek 25 Div 2 Averages

Week 25 Div 2 League Table

Sat/Sun25/26 – Mar 23Cheshire Mens B v Kent Mens B

Cheshire Mens A v Kent Mens A

Cheshire Womens A v Kent Women A

Cheshire Women B v Kent Women B

Wed29-Mar-23Week 26Medway v Sittingbourne SpartansEdenbridge v CanterburySpitfiresKsports v RainhamSwanley v ByeWeek 26 Div 2 Averages

Week 26 Div 2 League Table

Wed05-Apr-23Week 27Swanley Olympic v MedwaySittingbourne Spartens v EdenbridgeCanterbury Spitfires v Ksports PaperboysRainham v ByeWeek 27 Div 2 Averages

Week 27 Div 2 League Table

Wed12-Apr-23Week 28Ksports Paperboys v Sittinbourne Spartens

Glenn Hopkins v Dave Marney

Sam Fuller v Jack Fuller

Edenbridge v Swanley OlympicRainham v Canterbury SpitfiresMedway v ByeWeek 28 Div 2 Averages

Week 28 Div 2 League Table

Sat/Sun15/16 – Apr 23Kent Men A Cornwall Men A, Kent Men B v Cornwall Men B, Kent Women A v Cornwall Women A, Kent Women B v Cornwall Women B
Wed19-Apr-23Free Week
Wed25-Apr-23Ksports v Canterbury Spitfires

Swanley v Tovil

Northfleet Eagles v Sittingbourne Spartans

Medway v Sellindge Swans, Conan Whitehead v Keith Montgomery

Wed03-May-23Newtown Nomads v Tovil

Tunbridge Well Warriors v Rainham

Northfleet Eagles v Edenbridge

Canterbury v Medway

Wed10-May-23Team Knockout – Week 3
Sat/Sun13/14 – May 23London mens A v Kent mens A

London mens B v Kent Mens B

London womens A v Kent womens A

London womens B v Kent womens B

Wed17-May-23Team Knockout Semi & Finals – 6 In 1 Club
Sat/Sun3/4 – Jun 23Kent men B v Glamorgan

Kent men A v Glamorgan

Kent women B v Glamorgan

Kent women A v Glamorgan