As you may all be aware, over the past few weeks, there have been a number of media reports relating to the Coronavirus and it’s affect on sporting events throughout the UK. The BDO issued a statement relating the the BICC and County Superleagues, in that, for the safety of all staff, players and supporters, all these matches were to be suspended until further notice.

Understandably, there will be a lot of questions surrounding; Promotions, Relegations, League Positions, Cup matches and Competitions. But, until there is a major change to the Coronavirus situation, whereby it is deemed safe to continue with sports events and mass gatherings, the situation remains. The Kent Darts Committee will meet in due course and discuss the potential outcome regarding Kent Superleagues and a further statement will be released by the Committee at a later date.

Thank you for all your patience. This is an unprecedented time and we are dealing with a very difficult situation. We understand there will be a lot of frustration and confusion but the safety of everyone is paramount at this time and the quicker it can be contained and cleared up, the quicker we can get back to normal.